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Information on collection and use of personal information

Cheongdong Housing SR, Inc. values your personal information and follows “Network communication use and other regulations.”

Cheongdong Housing SR, Inc. is providing information on how your personal information is used for what purpose and what we do to protect your personal information.

1. Collection of personal information and purpose of use

  • Chengdong Housing SR, Inc. collects and uses your personal information for verification of your identification and marketing purposes to provide the best service possible.

2. Items of personal information collection

  • Company name, representative name: to verify identification of the person inquiring and utilizing services
  • Email address, telephone number: to secure communication route for your inquiries and smooth transaction
  • Other items: basic data collection for web consulting

3. Storage of personal collection and duration of use

  • Personal information of guest will be discarded as soon as the collection purposes have been served.
  • However, according to the reasons outlined within the company regulations, to provide the optimal services, guest’s company name, name, email address, phone number and other items can be stored up to three years.
  • If your information needs to be stored in regards to consumer protection outlined in the commercial law and e-commerce law, then we will store your personal information for a certain period of time.
  • Guest complaints and dispute settlement record: 3 years
  • Regulations about consumer protection on e-commerce:
    verification of identification record (3 months), visitation record (3 months)

4. Personal infomation manager

  • Name: Daewoo Kim
  • Department: Cluster General Manager
  • Phone: +82-31-702-6565
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